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The Piping Technology provide three hand in world wide and special in China including : Piping technology , project information , project method and project experience of design & analysis.

We devote to promotion the level of Chinese Pressure Piping Technology,and introduce from elsewhere the well-developed technique of external.

Our services including :Providing ,Training , Installation and Operation of CAD/CAE softwore for Designer & Analysis Engineer.

Our numbers is in many industries: CNPC ( oil and gas ) , SINOPEC ( Petro Chemical ) , Steel Industry , Power Industry , Transportation , Nucleon Industry , Paper and Food Industry , Metallurgy , Machine , etc.

We have 8,000 numbers in China.

If you hope to get Chinese Pressure Piping Project information , or cooperation for Chinese project , and need more information , please contact us .

tel : 8610-68680602

fax : 8610-68680603

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